A Comprehensive Solution to Tooth Loss

Dentures Decatur

An elderly woman with glasses  holds her hands up to frame her beautiful smile while wearing a turtleneck.Dentures are a tried and true method of replacing some or all of the teeth in a patient’s mouth. Constructed to meet the unique requirements and look desired by each dental patient, dentures can revitalize a patient’s attitude about his or her smile.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are removable prostheses that replace several or all of a dental patient’s missing teeth. Made with care and precision from molds taken at our Decatur practice, our dentures are crafted by our long-term laboratory partner and are made to fit securely yet comfortably within a patient’s mouth.

Made from a series of impressions taken from the upper or lower jaw, dentures fit snugly over healthy gums and mimic the look and feel of natural teeth. Dentures are comfortable enough for daily use, and are meant to be worn the majority of the day. They are removed at night, cleaned, and left out while patients sleep.This process allows the gum tissue a period of rest and gives patients a chance to properly clean both their dentures and their gums and mouth.

Because they are removable, dentures are relatively easy to clean, brushed and rinsed much like natural teeth. Since cavities can still develop in remaining natural teeth and periodontal disease can develop in gums, it is paramount that denture wearers still maintain a strict dental hygiene regimen. For more information on dentures, schedule an appointment with our practice today.

What Is a Partial?

A partial is a removable set of prosthetic teeth that replace a portion of the smile. Partials are made, like dentures, from precise molds of a patient’s gums, made to fill a gap in the natural teeth. Like crowns and bridges, partials are made in our dental laboratory to match the color, shape and size of natural teeth. They may snap in place onto connection points made on adjacent natural teeth.

A partial requires a patient to have healthy natural teeth that are able to give support to the prosthesis. Partials also require a patient’s dedication to dental hygiene, as the partial, gums, and natural teeth will need to be well-maintained in order to ensure its success.

Made for You

At Georgia Dental Center, we focus on making each dental procedure work for each patient’s specific goals and needs. Dr. Price and our team are adamant in providing the full range of information about dentures, partials and other options to our patients before deciding on the best restorative route.

Our long-term partner laboratory plays a large part in the success of our patients’ denture procedure. Our dentures and partials are made from quality, durable materials that offer a comfortable fit and superior functionality. Dr. Price measures patients for new dentures and can facilitate replacement prostheses.

As in each dental procedure we perform, we know the importance of creating a long-term dental solution when we supply our patients with custom dentures. Before the placement of dentures, we ensure that gums and the remaining teeth, if any, are healthy enough to support a prosthesis. Dentures may require the removal of some weakened or severely damaged teeth.

In addition to traditional dentures, Dr. Price can also provide dental-implant supported dentures, which affix to titanium posts that are surgically placed into a patient’s jaw. Dental implants provide unmatched stability for dentures and partial dentures.

To ensure the strength of the jawbone and to ensure that bacterial infection and plaque do not develop and interfere with dentures, Dr. Price recommends that our denture patients maintain their regularly scheduled checkups. To schedule a consultation with our qualified team, contact us today.